June-July 2023 Issue • Northwest Indiana Business Magazine

June-July 2023

Northwest Indiana Business Magazine June-July 2023 issue.

June-July 2023 issue

In this issue

The June-July 2023 issue of Northwest Indiana Business Magazine features stories that address the concept of synergy in our working lives.

Kevin Ostafinski

People on the move

Learn about people and companies making difference at work and in their communities, including Kevin Ostafinski at CLH, CPAs & Consultants.

Kyle Chamberlin

How to limit legal risks

Starting and running a business can come with unexpected legal issues, but lawyers say they wish business owners would seek advice before problems arise.

Calumet College of St. Joseph

More than educating students

Higher education leaders in the Region say colleges and universities make a significant impact on their communities beyond educating students.

Special Section June-July 2023 Regional Thinking

Beyond town limits

Economic development leaders say what’s good for the Region is good for your town, especially as long-term infrastructure projects take shape.

A&T fiber

Broadband equalizer

Access to high-speed internet levels playing field for economic, educational success in Region’s smaller towns.

risk management

Business interruptions

Some risks are impossible to predict, but some strategic planning can go a long way as a defense, say regional financial experts.

Downtown South Bend

Development around South Bend

Investors in South Bend are confident their efforts will lead to stable growth and economic success with the help of large regional infrastructure projects.


‘Meg made this …’

Couple decides Northwest Indiana is the perfect place to raise a family and open a second location of MegMade furniture store.

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