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Steve Carender

Bridging the digital divide

Surf Internet’s Steve Carender explains why it is important to reach millions without high-speed internet.

Mike Noland

Transportation dreams do come true

Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District President Mike Noland says South Shore Line improvements will lead to growth in the Region.

Heather Ennis

Forum: Forging future of NWI

Heather Ennis, president and CEO of the NWI Forum, shares the next five IGNITE the Region initiatives that focus on generating opportunities.

United Way Northwest Indiana logo

Level Up for a better tomorrow

United Way Northwest Indiana’s Level Up Program helps adults find direction in their pursuit of financial independence.

Neil Samahon

Opportunities for all

Neil Samahon of Opportunity Enterprises says the workforce is big enough for workers of all abilities.

Jessica Cantarelli

In honor of working moms

Mom Jessica Cantarelli casts a spotlight on moms and the challenges they face working full time and managing a household.

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