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Northwest Indiana Business Magazine June-July 2022 issue.

June-July 2022 issue

In this issue

In this issue, we explore remote work, education for the next generation of entrepreneurs, brand reputation and cryptocurrency. We interview WNBA exec too!

Jason Osterhage

Around the Region

Learn about people, companies making difference at work and in their communities

Law rotating gif

Workplace’s remote future

Calls for continued telecommuting mean companies must reinforce conduct rules for all employees, say Region’s HR professionals.

Lisa Dan

Entrepreneurship for tomorrow

Educators from high school through college prepare tomorrow’s next generation of entrepreneurs for successful careers.

Information technology

Better digital defenses

Growing dependence on technology, including remote work and international threats, elevates need for advances in cybersecurity, say regional experts.

VIA Marketing

Best reputation forward

Building a strong company brand takes hard work, persistence in monitoring details like publishing content and marketing it on social media and websites.

cryptocurrency investment advice

New financial frontier

Growth in cryptocurrency awareness means more investors turning to expert investment advice, say Region’s financial community.

Samantha Salzeider

Passion for sports

Competitive nature leads Region native Samantha Salzeider to dream jobs with WNBA’s Chicago Sky, Lake County Corn Dogs.

Monroe Pest Control

All in the family

The bugs mostly haven’t changed for the third generation of Wilsons leading Monroe Pest Control, but the way they control them has.

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