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Evexia Salt Cave & Spa

Salty therapy

Evexia owner so impressed with positive effects of halotherapy that she built her own salt cave in Chesterton.

Office design post pandemic

Altered workplaces

Companies find innovative ways to embrace technology with greater efficiencies and more collaboration post crisis, including more open spaces, sanitation and cloud solutions.

Diversey Building

The allure of spec building

Residential growth in Indiana boomed first and is followed by an industrial market fortified by changing consumer demands after the pandemic. Spec buildings are part of that surge, giving a boost to the commercial market.

Michigan City Generating Station

Green job growth

Northwest Indiana is a major hub for clean-energy jobs, with 10,320 at the end of 2019. Growth in the industry is expected to continue as the shift from coal accelerates.

Corn is harvested in Jasper County

Farmers champion innovation

With weather, tariffs, pests and other forces that affect agriculture, farmers must be innovative, find new ways to improve yields and protect the viability of their land for the future.

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