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Level Up for a better tomorrow

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United Way Northwest Indiana program key to financial freedom for participants

What is the Level Up Program? The United Way Northwest Indiana Level Up Program is designed to break the cycle of poverty by providing skills development, financial literacy and mentoring.
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United Way Northwest Indiana has always been a beacon of hope for those in need, and its Level Up Program has only added another feather to its already extensive cap.

The Level Up Program, by its very focus, is an embodiment of United Way Northwest Indiana’s dedication to the community. Designed to support adults, 18 years and older, in their pursuit of financial independence, education and training, the program addresses a crucial need in today’s landscape that affects over 40 percent of local Northwest Indiana residents.

In a world where skill development and continuous education are paramount, the provision of this program is indeed noteworthy.

By helping adults gain essential skills for better job opportunities, the Level Up Program is essentially a key that unlocks the doors to improved socio-economic statuses. It also delivers unprecedented mindset changes. Not only does this program provide the means to gain a better income, but it also instills a sense of self-awareness and empowerment.

By helping individuals become more self-reliant and confident, United Way Northwest Indiana is not just making a difference in individual lives, but fostering a ripple effect that benefits the community.

Individuals who are equipped with the skills to secure better employment can contribute more to their families and communities, thus strengthening the fabric of society.

Moreover, the Level Up Program also provides an opportunity for those who may have faced barriers in accessing education and training due to financial constraints or other reasons by offering financial support for tuition, fees, books and supplies, and transportation costs.

The positive impact of the Level Up Program extends beyond individuals and families, however, permeating the local business landscape and economy.

As program participants gain valuable skills and education, local businesses benefit from a more qualified and competent workforce. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity, innovative solutions and overall business growth.

Furthermore, as individuals secure better-paying jobs, their increased disposable income can stimulate the local economy.

They are likely to spend more on goods and services, supporting local businesses and fostering economic development. Hence, the ripple effect of the Level Up Program can be seen in the bolstering of the local economy and fostering of a thriving business environment.

According to recipients of the Level Up Program, the support provided doesn’t stop at financial aid and direction. The program provides a comprehensive support system that includes financial literacy, career guidance, academic support, and even emotional support, all aimed at ensuring participants’ success. This holistic approach to empowerment truly sets United Way Northwest Indiana and the Level Up Program apart.

The Level Up Program is a testament to United Way Northwest Indiana’s unwavering dedication to creating lasting positive change in the community. Through this program, they are not just providing individuals with essential skills and resources, but also giving them hope for a brighter future. As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, programs like the Level Up Program are crucial in ensuring that we emerge stronger and more resilient as a community.

So, let’s join hands with United Way Northwest Indiana and support their efforts in uplifting individuals and communities toward a better tomorrow.

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    Rich Shields is the chief marketing officer at the United Way Northwest Indiana. Shields offers a “big picture” vision of marketing and business initiatives. He joined the United Way in March 2023. Prior to that, he built the marketing department at Valparaiso-based Chester Inc. from the ground up. Early in his career, he was the director of government marketing at the former Crown ESA, an electrical engineering firm. He is HubSpot Digital Marketing Certified, and studied business administration at Columbia College Chicago.

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