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December-January 2024 issue cover

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The December-January 2024 issue of Northwest Indiana Business Magazine features stories about the entrepreneurs and innovators who are bringing a little magic to the Region’s business community.

Jason Williams, Society of Innovators

Innovation for everyone

Jason Williams of the Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest says youth entrepreneurship isn’t about helping kids start businesses. He shares how a $470,000 READI grant will help develop programs in the Region.

Michigan City Area Schools

Spirit of excellence

Society of Innovators at Purdue University Northwest includes bold thinkers who have devised unique solutions in its latest class of inductees.

Lisa Dan

Entrepreneurship for tomorrow

Educators from high school through college prepare tomorrow’s next generation of entrepreneurs for successful careers.

December-January 2022 issue

In this issue

In this issue, the 2021 Entrepreneurial Excellence (E-Day) Award winners and Society of Innovators honorees overcame hurdles to end the year strong.

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