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December-January 2023 issue cover

In this issue

After almost five years, Larry Avila resigned as managing editor of the Northwest Indiana Business Magazine. He will be missed!

Alexia Perez

Around the Region

Learn about people and companies making difference at work and in their communities, including Alexia Perez , senior accountant at CLH.

2022 E-Day award winners

Entrepreneurial champions

The 2022 Northwest Indiana Small Business Development Center E-Day honorees share ups and downs of turning ideas into successful businesses

Michigan City Area Schools

Spirit of excellence

Society of Innovators at Purdue University Northwest includes bold thinkers who have devised unique solutions in its latest class of inductees.

Erin Bonin

Gig working here to stay

Erin Bonin: Statista projections say contract workers are here to stay and could make up half of the U.S. workforce by 2027.

ESOP logo

Transition alternative

Executives say moving to ESOP can ensure preservation of company legacy, culture, but employees need to understand the complexities of the transition.

Lauren Ehardt And Alfredo Estrada

Untapped workforce

H-2B visa program is an option when workers are needed to fill temporary professional roles, say Burke Costanza & Carberry experts.

Indiana University Northwest job fair

A shift in career priorities

Region experts say the pandemic caused many workers to rethink career and personal choices. Luckily, NWI has plenty of options to seek new opportunities.

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