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Kyle Chamberlin

How to limit legal risks

Starting and running a business can come with unexpected legal issues, but lawyers say they wish business owners would seek advice before problems arise.

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Workplace’s remote future

Calls for continued telecommuting mean companies must reinforce conduct rules for all employees, say Region’s HR professionals.

Isaac Carr

New office guidelines

Legal experts in Northwest Indiana say companies should take the time to review workforce policies now that they have adapted to employees working remotely during pandemic.

Disaster Recovery Plan - DRP

Crisis offers lessons in emergency planning

The pandemic required businesses and organizations to review or consider making changes to their operations to best handle the novel coronavirus situation as well as protect employees while still trying to survive.

Barnes & Thornburg LLP is building a new five-story

Lawful adaptations

Law firms combine latest technology with traditional practice to retain, attract new business Paul A. Leonard Jr. has been practicing law for more than three decades, but he still remembers his first day of employment in a law office. “I was presented with a Bic pen, a legal pad and a telephone,” said Leonard, who …

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Keys to perception

Learn how to protect, grow digital reputation Internet immortality sounds enticing for working professionals in the Digital Age, unless it involves allegations of libel, slander and defamation of character. The World Wide Web rarely forgets and never forgives, especially with inflammatory social media posts that can cost a job, damage an otherwise stellar reputation or …

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