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Igniting our innovation in 2019

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Troy Linker
Troy Linker

The mission of Northwest Indiana Business Magazine from its founding in 1991 has been to publish stories about people and ideas that inform, inspire, challenge and educate local business and community leaders. We want to help them improve their businesses, the local economy and the quality of life in our Region.

To meet this mission, we choose an editorial theme for each issue. This year in recognition of the NWI Forum’s Ignite the Region strategic plan for economic development, we have aligned five of our issue themes with the five broad economic development goals set out in the plan.

Our theme for this first issue of 2019 is entrepreneurship and innovation, and what better way to kick things off than with our profile of Northwest Indiana Small Business Development Center ‘s E-Day award winners. These entrepreneurs never fail to inspire us with their determination to succeed and the ways they benefit our local economy and community.

The theme for April is recognizing excellence when we announce the winners of our Best of Business awards. In future issues, we will come back to the other four Ignite the Region goals: business development and marketing; talent; infrastructure; and place making. Visit NWIforum.org to learn more about its strategic plan.

For many years, we have published our magazine articles on our website, as well as in the magazine. In 2019, we want to make these articles more accessible online. Reading the magazine this month, take note of our updated design, which includes a QR code for each story. A quick scan of this code with your phone or tablet’s camera opens a digital version of the story on our website formatted for reading on your device. Most newer phones won’t need a special app to scan the code. The built-in camera app should work, but for some older phones, you might need to download a free QR code reader app.

In addition to the magazine’s stories, we have expanded our online-only content, including the business news section of NWIndianaBusiness.com. Multiple business-related news stories are posted daily on topics and issues relevant to Northwest and Northcentral Indiana. It provides readers a one-stop local online business news source.

For those who want a weekly reminder of the Region's top business news, we created the Northwest Indiana Business eNewsletter. It provides a quick and convenient way to stay on top of the week’s five most important regional news stories without cluttering your inbox. Visit NWIndianaBusiness.com/enews to sign up for our free newsletter.

We hope you like our editorial, design and content delivery changes. Our goal is to provide access, so that no matter how you like to read—in print, online or in an email—and no matter where you want to read—in a magazine, on your computer or on your phone—you can read our stories to help you improve your business, our local economy and the quality of life in our Region.

—­Thanks for reading!

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  • Troy Linker

    Troy has many years of experience in print and digital media publishing. He’s written, designed, edited and marketed various types of projects, from magazines to books, websites and more. Troy purchased Northwest Indiana Business Magazine in 2016 and serves as publisher and executive editor today. His focus is to make sure this publication reflects the best practices from all industries within our region while helping businesses thrive by creating informative articles written by local writers about the local business community.

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