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Troy Linker

Talented developments

Regardless of industry, all organizations need people Without people, no business would exist. Ultimately, people are the consumers of every product and service, including the most obscure technology. Even in business-to-business sales, people make decisions about what to purchase and when. All successful companies revolve around human needs and the humans who deliver the products

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Troy Linker

Strategy first

Define ideal prospects, key points of differentiation before committing to specific marketing tactics Marketing can feel like throwing a dart at a dartboard. You rarely hit a bull’s-eye, even a slight miss can dramatically impact your score, and too often, your throw misses the board entirely. Implementing marketing tactics like social, email, ads, sponsorships, etc.,

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Troy Linker

Taking stock

Recognizing excellence in Region’s thriving business community Each spring the magazine is honored to shine a light on many of the outstanding businesses in our Region with our Best of Business awards. Too often we only notice what isn’t working or what could be better in our Region. It is important to be self-aware and

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Troy Linker

Igniting our innovation in 2019

More ways to share local business stories The mission of Northwest Indiana Business Magazine from its founding in 1991 has been to publish stories about people and ideas that inform, inspire, challenge and educate local business and community leaders. We want to help them improve their businesses, the local economy and the quality of life

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