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June-July 2021 issue cover

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Welcome to the June-July issue of Northwest Indiana Business Magazine where we explore how to conduct post-pandemic business.

Marketing social media

A few clicks to brand awareness

Regional experts say marketing in the digital age starts with a complementary web and social media presence to build brand awareness with potential customers.

Troy Linker

Strategy first

Define ideal prospects, key points of differentiation before committing to specific marketing tactics Marketing can feel like throwing a dart at a dartboard. You rarely hit a bull’s-eye, even a slight miss can dramatically impact your score, and too often, your throw misses the board entirely. Implementing marketing tactics like social, email, ads, sponsorships, etc., …

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Group 7even

Persistent social gains

Industry leaders offer insight on how to build customer base with targeted online content Staying social through content creation, remaining responsive, audience identification and analytical-based ads remains a significant component of marketing for businesses of all sizes, experts say. “Social media is not just important, it’s the largest piece of the puzzle right now especially …

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Keys to perception

Learn how to protect, grow digital reputation Internet immortality sounds enticing for working professionals in the Digital Age, unless it involves allegations of libel, slander and defamation of character. The World Wide Web rarely forgets and never forgives, especially with inflammatory social media posts that can cost a job, damage an otherwise stellar reputation or …

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