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April-May 2024 issue

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The April-May 2024 issue of Northwest Indiana Business Magazine explores topics from construction of new homes to entertainment options and sustainable building designs.

Mike Noland

Transportation dreams do come true

Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District President Mike Noland says South Shore Line improvements will lead to growth in the Region.

Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad

Transportation boom

From upgrades at the Region’s airports to monumental changes on its railroads, the infrastructure for the freight delivery and transportation needs of tomorrow are under construction now.

South Shore Line train

Track pursuits pay off

The long-awaited West Lake Corridor and double-track transportation projects are laying the groundwork for development near new stations.

Michael Noland

Viewpoint: Victory for mass transit

South Shore Line President Michael Noland shares his thoughts on the double-track and the Westlake Corridor transportation projects underway in Northwest Indiana.

Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority

Moving along roads to success

Northwest Indiana planners keep future in mind when maintaining, improving Region’s infrastructure, including a double-track project on South Shore Line.

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