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April-May 2024 issue

If it seems like something is missing from this issue, there is. We usually publish the winners of our annual Best of Business readers' survey in our April-May magazine.

We had big plans — a new website that would streamline the voting and tabulation process. But with new technology, as often happens, come glitches and rabbit holes that cause delays in the best laid plans.

The good news is that voting is expected to open at this week. Readers can vote once a day for each of the awards in Northwest Indiana and Michiana until April 26. Winners will be announced in our June-July issue.

The survey gives readers the opportunity to acknowledge local business leaders who are excelling in their service to the community.

For those of you who reached out about the awards, thank you for your patience and interest in our annual survey. Now, VOTE!

As for this issue, our stories reflect on the ways development is changing the economic landscape of the Region.

Construction of new homes follows an influx of new residents. Builders are busy keeping up with demand in new housing developments from Dyer to South Bend.

Those new homeowners are also looking for things to do — and they don't want to have to drive to Chicago for high-end entertainment. Since the Star Plaza was torn down in 2017, smaller venues and casinos are trying to fill the void. But state and regional officials have big plans for a convention center in Lake County. Until then, orchestras, playhouses, casinos and bars are ready for more patrons at their shows.

With new construction of homes and big projects, calls for sustainable building practices grow louder. Architects are answering with new ways to limit the impact their projects have on the environment and the people who live and work in them.

We also hear from Aaron McDermott from Latitude Commercial about how the surge in population here will bring more opportunities for commercial development.

Then we share the story of a steel company owner who also owns a golf course. Edgewater Health celebrates its 50th anniversary. And Michael Noland explains how the completion of the two-year double-track project in May will bring more opportunities for everyone. Enjoy this issue!

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