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Keeping Employees Healthy

Everyone is concerned about health these days—from our own personal health to the health of the economy. On at least one level, the two are intertwined. Americans pay more for health care than many other nations, which raises the question: Could economic recovery start at the doctor’s office? “No,” says Mike Campbell of Louisville-based Neace […]

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Leading in Challenging Times

Perhaps its an age old saying, but “Leaders Lead.” Success when facing challenges takes leaders who act. Are there reasons why leaders need to act? Certainly. For example, leaders have access to lots of information about the issues and opportunities. Others may have access to the information but may not have time to digest the

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Staying Fit

Dr. Michael Leland, board-certified orthopedic surgeon and senior partner of Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute, says staying fit comes down to only a few things—eating properly and in moderation, getting proper exercise, fresh air and sunshine, and not polluting the body with substances such as cigarette smoke. “And when it comes to diet and exercise,

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Publisher’s Note – Winter 2010

Are you a revolutionary?  According to Penny Lewandowski, Director of Entrepreneurship Development, Edward Lowe Foundation out of Maryland, the 2009 “Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards,” recipients are. Our cover story written by our Editor, Rick Richards will inspire you and hopefully, give you a greater respect for what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in this

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Ready For Green Building Legislation?

In its “Report on Building Rating and Certification in the U.S. Building Community,” the National Institute of Building Sciences noted that “elected officials and policy makers at the federal, state and local levels only rarely understand the objectives, development, intended uses, opportunities and limitations of rating/certification programs for buildings and accreditation programs for individuals.” The

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Peoples Bank

For David Bochnowski, the CEO of Peoples Bank and its parent, NorthWest Indiana Bancorp in Munster, the key to success in banking is building a strong team and then letting the team do its job. In a recent interview with Hoosier Banker magazine, Bochnowski said, “My job is to build the team and keep it

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Avoid Event-Planning Blues

Northwest Indiana offers a wide variety of meeting venues, from historic buildings to convention facilities to college campuses, to handle all types and sizes of events. But beyond choosing the right space, it’s essential to focus on the nitty-gritty details to avoid problems on the big day. Open just one year, the new Harre Union

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The Meaning of Green

For cleanup specialists, architects and builders, the buzzword of the moment is “green.” But what exactly does that mean? Architect Thomas E. Kuhn, vice president, secretary and treasurer of Carras-Szany-Kuhn & Associates in Schererville, says there is no uniform definition of what it means to be “green.” CSK has been around for more than 50

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Recession = Rehab, Reuse, Renew

While some worry, scurry or otherwise run away during a recession, Pearl Mort views it as high tide. “Anytime there’s a recession, we do best because the price of land goes down, the prices for houses go down. We can buy more houses for rent. At these times, prices go down. This is a bad

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Meet the Global Green Pals

Just a few weeks past Christmas, landfills are probably filling up with plastic boxes, wrapping paper, containers and parts from discarded and forgotten toys. Malini Goel doesn’t believe that will happen with her dolls, the Global Green Pals, designed with environmentally safe materials—along with a message. “The whole idea is conveying a message to the

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