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Dennis Trinkle

TechPoint VP to receive global leadership award

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Dennis Trinkle will receive the Internet 2.0 Conference Outstanding Leadership Award for his contributions to technology and education.

“Dennis's dedication to innovation, inclusivity and leadership within technology and education aligns perfectly with what we celebrate at The 2.0 Conferences,” said Amrita Das, head of media and public relations at The 2.0 Conferences,” in a press release.

Trinkle is the senior vice president of talent, strategy and partnerships at Indianapolis-based TechPoint. He works to develop Indiana’s tech workforce.

“Dennis' vision in helping strengthen Indiana's tech talent development and growth efforts will result in generational change for thousands of people — many of whom might never have thought they could succeed in tech careers,” said Ting Gootee, TechPoint president and CEO.

Prior to joining TechPoint, Trinkle served as the CEO of the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System. He also worked at Harrison College, DePauw University and Ball State University.  

Trinkle is the author of “Recipes for Success: How to Start a Business” and “The Future Disruptors.” He co-developed the video game “Fireworks: The Entrepreneurship Experience.”

 “This is an area that is constantly evolving and growing in importance to everyone from students to consumers to huge enterprises,” Trinkle said. “I’ve been fortunate to have been in positions where I can dive into the deep end of learning and have extensive platforms to share that knowledge with others.”  

Trinkle will receive his award and speak at the Internet 2.0 Conference in March in Las Vegas.

The Internet 2.0 Conference is an international technology event. It unites leaders in IT, artificial intelligence, robotics and other tech realms. The conference features keynote speakers, panel discussions and brainstorming sessions.

TechPoint is part of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership. The partnership brings together CEOs from Indiana’s corporations, foundations and universities. TechPoint works to advance Indiana’s tech economy and workforce. The organization was founded in 2003.

Caption: Dennis Trinkle is TechPoint's president and CEO. (Provided by TechPoint)


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