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StorageCafe analysis says Region “magnet” for newcomers

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Experts at StorageCafe analyzed 2022 U.S. Census data and found that Northwest and North Central Indiana are “magnets for incoming migration.”

“In 2022 alone, the Region witnessed a substantial net influx of over 101,000 newcomers,” said Maria Gatea, a senior writer at StorageCafe. “This influx is characterized by a youthful demographic, boasting an average age of 31 compared to the state's average of 39.”

Those young residents also are buying homes in the Region.

“About 44.3% of these young migrants transitioned into homeownership within their first year in the Region, underscoring a robust engagement with the local housing market,” Gatea said.

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They also are finding jobs at companies based in the Region.

“Interestingly, most of these new residents are physically participating in the local workforce, with a mere 3.2% reporting remote work arrangements,” she said.

Lake County welcomed the most new residents in the Region at 53,000 in 2022, according to the analysis. Of those new residents, 42% bought homes within the first year of living there. They earned an average income of about $42,000.

In St. Joseph County, which had the second-highest net migration in the Region, about 34,000 people moved there. They earn an average of $33,000 a year.

La Porte County showed the highest average income for new residents at $44,200 annually. About 44% of them bought houses within a year of moving to the county.

Overall in 2022, 10,600 more residents moved to Indiana than moved away, which put it at No. 18 for interstate migration in the nation. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's latest American Community Survey, Indiana's population decreased by more than 137,000 people in 2022. Total population for the state is estimated at 6.8 million.

Of the 12 counties included in the analysis, the majority of new residents came from other towns in Indiana.

Illinois residents moved to Indiana more than any other state – about 16,000 moved to Northwest and North Central Indiana in 2022. Michigan and Florida contributed about 5,700 people combined to the 12 counties, which include Lake, Porter, La Porte, St. Joseph, Elkhart, Newton, Jasper, Starke, Pulaski, Marshall, Kosciusko and Fulton.

StorageCafe used data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey Five-Year PUMS microdata for 2022 in its analysis. The company is a nationwide listing service with more than 25,000 storage facilities listed.

Source of graphic: StorageCafe analysis of data from U.S. Census / Created with Datawrapper with OpenStreetMap contributors


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