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Dwyer Instruments of Michigan City buys Universal Flow Monitors Inc.

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Dwyer Instruments of Michigan City, a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, has purchased Universal Flow Monitors Inc.

“UFM has a broad portfolio of ruggedized products that customers rely on for critical industrial applications,” said Mark Fisher, president of Dwyer. “This has led UFM to a successful, entrenched position in niche industrial markets.”

Michigan-based UFM firm designs, develops, and manufactures flow meters and controls for industrial applications. The company, founded in 1963, designs and manufactures flow meters and controllers for fluids and gases in automation, robotics, and other process automation applications.

UFM's products include vane style, vortex shedding, and laminar flowmeters as well as rotameters used across a wide range of end-markets.

“UFM has a long history of dedication to product design, customer service, and quality,” said Lars Rosean, president of UFM. “I would like to thank all our employees who have contributed to our years of success and I am thrilled at this opportunity to partner with Dwyer for the next stage of growth.”

Archline Investment Management. A growth-oriented private equity firm, in July purchased a controlling stake in Dwyer Instruments.


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