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From Scratch or From Franchise?

It’s easy to pick a new business winner when you choose to franchise. But you may have to check your creativity at the door. by Michael Puente Tyler Carter and Lindsay Dudzik are young, ambitious and relatively new owners of businesses. But both took different routes in earning that distinguished title of business owner. The […]

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Building Boom

Big projects in education, manufacturing, distribution and lifestyle amenities. by Michael Puente Northwest Indiana is experiencing a building boom of sorts with several major projects on tap for the coming year. One large-scale project that’s slated for completion in early 2012 is the new headquarters and distribution center for North Coast Distribution, a wholesale beer

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Keeping Nuclear Power Safe: Disaster in Japan has focused attention on U.S. plants

by Rick A. Richards There isn’t a single nuclear power plant in Northwest Indiana–or the entire state for that matter–but that doesn’t mean the region is exempt from concern about nuclear plant safety. Illinois and Michigan have nuclear power plants and some are within 30 miles of major population areas in the region. In the

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Executive Gift Guide

IT’S NOVEMBER AND FOR MOST PEOPLE, GETTING INTO THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT ENTAILS charitable giving, decorating the home, shopping those sales for presents for friends and family. But for business executives, the holidays are also an opportunity to thank employees for their dedication and contributions throughout the year. Here are our suggestions for holiday parties for

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Healthy Demand

Northwest Indiana a hot place for a health-care career. by Bob Kronemyer With a diversity of educational programs and health-care facilities, Northwest Indiana is a vibrant environment to pursue a caregiver career. Coupled with the latest recession and an aging population, “health-care opportunities are viewed as good career choices,” says Angie Hampton, director of human

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Focus: Small Business

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Northwest Indiana. Small business incubators dot the region’s landscape – from Valparaiso to Hammond, from Merrillville to South Bend. As the landscape for small business changes from traditional pursuits in manufacturing to high-tech ventures, new questions arise among entrepreneurs on how to ensure success. To help answer

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Big, Slick Project

By Rick A. Richards The landscape at BP’s Whiting refinery on the shore of Lake Michigan is a Rubik’s Cube of pipes, derricks, construction cranes and scaffolding. Through a mindboggling maze of pipes, hissing steam, narrow roads and steel beams, it’s hard to tell where the refinery process ends and where construction on a $3.8

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Women Who Lead

In June 2008, after a long, grueling campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, Hillary Clinton finally conceded to Barack Obama. It was a historic moment for the entire nation, but especially for American women. “Although we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it’s got about 18

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Keeping Employees Healthy

Everyone is concerned about health these days—from our own personal health to the health of the economy. On at least one level, the two are intertwined. Americans pay more for health care than many other nations, which raises the question: Could economic recovery start at the doctor’s office? “No,” says Mike Campbell of Louisville-based Neace

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Staying Fit

Dr. Michael Leland, board-certified orthopedic surgeon and senior partner of Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute, says staying fit comes down to only a few things—eating properly and in moderation, getting proper exercise, fresh air and sunshine, and not polluting the body with substances such as cigarette smoke. “And when it comes to diet and exercise,

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