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Protect, save, plan, maintain, improve and serve ­— wise rules to live by to grow your business

Troy Linker
Troy Linker

In business, your company’s reputation is an asset just as valuable if not more valuable than many of your physical assets. You buy insurance to protect your tangible assets. Are you doing enough to protect your reputation? In our cover story, Jerry Davich talks with local experts about techniques that can help you protect one of your company’s most valuable assets.

The 2018 tax year is almost over. Experts talk about lower tax rates and deduction changes designed to spur business investment and grow the economy. We have all heard something about the new tax law changes, but do you know how it will affect you and your company’s financial health? In this issue, Bob Moulesong interviews Region tax experts who share their understanding of the changes and how they might impact your business.

Communities across Northwest Indiana are redeveloping properties to meet the expectations of today’s companies and personal renters and buyers. Lesly Bailey talks with several local officials who share their cities’ plans to incorporate more mixed-use developments, which include locating residential, retail, restaurants and commercial spaces into updated walkable community projects.

Indiana ranks in the bottom third on health-related statistics, such as smoking, obesity and drug-related deaths. Are you doing your part to help us improve as a state by encouraging your employees and co-workers to take advantage of the wellness programs offered by your insurer and health care providers? Employees spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else, so it makes sense that workplace wellness programs can have a significant impact on our community’s health. Carrie Napoleon shares stories from insurers and companies who understand that incentive-based wellness programs are not only good for our society but also a financial win-win for both the employer and the employee.

When developers learn about a piece of land that might have some environmental issues, known as a brownfield, they might turn away from the property because of the potential high cost to remediate the site back to something safe and usable. Carrie Steinweg profiles regional projects that use insurance archaeology, government grants and tax credits to turn brownfield liabilities into profitable investments.

Also, in this issue, John Cain and Jack Walton share ideas about things to do in Northwest and Northcentral Indiana. Matt Stosich tells us why we can expect lower taxes when we file our 2018 tax returns. Larry Avila tells us about the United Way’s Pacesetter program, which helps businesses who want to be more philanthropic.

Philip Potempa launches a new series of articles where we profile local business leaders and ask them how they spend their off hours. In this initial article, Philip talks to local funeral-home owner Konnie Kuiper about his antique car and transportation collection.

Finally, retired banker Mike Baird encourages us to find ways to use our skills and passion to serve our community during retirement.

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