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The February-March 2024 issue of Northwest Indiana Business Magazine

Development is coming to Northwest Indiana — for many it is a long time coming.

From new health care options to better roads and faster trains, the Region is on the cusp of change like never seen before.

And it's already taking shape as businesses decide to move here from other states — especially Illinois.

Those businesses bring more residents and a need for more services and recreation.

Regional health care systems are joining forces with those based in Chicago to bring specialty services to residents close to home. Others are expanding into the Region as they discover a desire for better care where their patients live. Long-serving health care providers here also are expanding with new hospitals, hiring new professionals and providing new services.

But growth also brings … traffic! So, a trip into Chicago for a doctor's appointment can be a daylong trek for some.

Local and state officials hope plans for upgrades to the Borman Expressway and the South Shore Line will change that and make it easier for everyone to travel around the Region without the headaches.

Companies moving into the Region don't let the roads intimidate them. There are plenty of other reasons to make the switch to Indiana. From lower taxes to a more friendly business climate, companies find moving here has many benefits.

For others, change is harder to implement. The next generation of farmers is finding hurdles to starting out or maintaining the family business.

Portage is ready for growth too. From Amazon to chocolate to the Indiana Dunes, the city's future is on a path to meet the needs of its growing population. As the third largest city in Lake County, it promises to take advantage of the pristine natural wonders there, while preserving its steel past.

Creating opportunities for all Hoosiers is another priority for the business community. So, in honor of Black History Month in February, we feature the stories of seven African Americans who are making a difference at work and in their communities. It is our first special section this year.

I am looking forward to 2024 and hope you have a great year too. Enjoy this issue!

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