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August-September 2020The year 2020 is shaping up to be one no one will forget: a health pandemic on top of social upheaval. In a world of uncertainty and extended periods of isolation, people and businesses proactively adapted to the new normal. Financial institutions used the emergency resources at their disposal to help businesses get federal dollars to keep their doors open. Other businesses repurposed production lines, not only to keep their workforce employed but to create items needed in the fight against the pandemic. Necessity sparked different thinking for businesses that discovered opportunities in the global marketplace, as well as for community leaders who could not host popular annual events. They instead found other avenues to bring people together. As the Region charted unknown waters, many leaned on industry experts for advice to set a course toward the future, a few of whom share their guidance in this issue. Working through the crisis brought people together to help their neighbors during these unprecedented times, a fact Gov. Eric Holcomb acknowledges in our Viewpoint column. We hope you enjoy this edition of the magazine!

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