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Heather Ennis

Forum: Forging future of NWI

Heather Ennis, president and CEO of the NWI Forum, shares the next five IGNITE the Region initiatives that focus on generating opportunities.

John Freyek, Horizon Bank

Partners in prosperity

Community banks benefit the entire community by providing jobs, economic development with loans, sponsoring local events, volunteering and donating to nonprofits, among other community-building tasks.

Special Section June-July 2023 Regional Thinking

Beyond town limits

Economic development leaders say what’s good for the Region is good for your town, especially as long-term infrastructure projects take shape.

Dale Clapp

Welcome, neighbors

Region’s community-based financial institutions see partnerships as potential long-term relationships, according to experts like Dale Clapp of First Merchants Bank.

Lisa Dan

Entrepreneurship for tomorrow

Educators from high school through college prepare tomorrow’s next generation of entrepreneurs for successful careers.

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