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Caucasian female doctor delivering telemedicine consultation to a patient

Healthier insurance enrollment

Experts say clients are concerned about the health insurance renewal process that will hinge on flexibility in plans and care options. Companies must think outside the box to make more informed decisions and avoid getting blindsided.

Troy Linker

Talented developments

Regardless of industry, all organizations need people Without people, no business would exist. Ultimately, people are the consumers of every product and service, including the most obscure technology. Even in business-to-business sales, people make decisions about what to purchase and when. All successful companies revolve around human needs and the humans who deliver the products …

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Troy Linker

Investing in Your Team

Small investments in employee training, recognition and benefits improves morale and the bottom line Most of us know intuitively that the human element is what differentiates us from other businesses. It is easy to lose sight of it at time when we get wrapped up in a new piece of machinery, a new process or …

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