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Publisher’s Commentary

New Year, New Leadership

Here's to more growth, more prosperity and a little less drama.

As I reflect on this past year, 2012 had some significant events that have impacted our state economy. The Super Bowl was a huge image boost for Indiana, though Indianapolis businesses were the biggest beneficiaries. The passage of the right-to-work law, with all of its political drama, was another. Those images of protesters occupying the Statehouse are not something easily forgotten. But the movement is growing in popularity, and its passage has now become a victory for neighboring Michigan, too. According to the Indiana Economic Development Corp., 27,858 new jobs evolved due to passage of this law in 2012, almost a 50 percent increase.

The November election brings us new leadership that has much to prove in taking over the reins from Mitch Daniels, who is now being celebrated by some as the best governor this state has ever known. I wish Mike Pence and his team the best as they continue to make Indiana a viable and work-friendly environment for businesses to grow and thrive. Not sure if all of those campaign promises will be fulfilled, but hopefully this house of legislators can be the example of how to compromise and get the job done. I personally would like to take a break from all the “drama.”

Now we are in the first quarter of 2013 and I'm very grateful to announce another successful year of business growth and sales activity. I want to thank all of our editorial contributors, advertisers, committee advisors, magazine team members, business associates and readers who have helped make this possible. We look to grow our magazines and improve our performance in 2013. If the economy goes south and if we do indeed experience another recession, as suggested by economist, Michael Hicks in this issue, we will survive the downturn and are confident you will, too.

More inside: We honor the 2012 entrepreneur award recipients. These winners are true pioneers, taking the risks and facing the challenges that go along with today's business environment. We also address a few trends, such as the emergence of onsite clinics and business meetings that include healthy foods with smaller portions. Infrastructure is a major economic-development focus, and read about the area's cutting-edge manufacturers doing great things in Northwest Indiana. Enjoy our current issue!


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