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Stories about innovators, leaders and doers.

The business of the media is a complex one. Our job is to inform the public and be responsible journalists in reporting the facts and engaging readers through our storytelling. Patience runs thin during deadlines, and often good intentions can be missed opportunities. Timely and effective communication is a necessity for all businesses, and that's especially true for those of us in print and broadcast media.

In sales and marketing, our job is to provide product information and guidance regarding the best use of the product. Sometimes we get so caught up in “getting the sale” that we forget to educate the buyer or continue to provide help or follow-up with servicing the customer after the sale. Customer service–or the lack of knowledgeable customer service workers–has become a challenge in many industries, especially in voice and data, telecommunications and computer technology. Some of the best examples of great customer service can be found in the banking industry. We can learn from their example how to service customers and retain their trust and business.

Lead by example, that's what I say (though not always what I do)–and that is what you will read about inside this issue. We have great stories about innovators, CEOs and community leaders, Indiana growth companies contributing millions to our economy and success in taking positive action to address local environmental issues.

Our 2012 reader survey, completed this past July, has revealed some very interesting data.

For example, 82 percent consider our magazine the leading business publication for the region, 62 percent of our readers are CEOs of their companies, 74 percent intend to expand their companies in the next two years, 74 percent intend to continue their formal education, training or attend seminars, 68 percent travel and conduct business in Chicago, and 75 percent have rented space for offsite meetings in the past 12 months. To get the complete data from our reader demographic study, visit www.nwibq.com.

We are grateful to you, our readers and loyal advertisers, many of whom have been with us for many years! We are optimistic for 2013–that it will be a great year, regardless of who will lead our country next, for your business and ours! Enjoy our current issue.

–Glee Renick-May, Publisher


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