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Greatness Across Northwest Indiana

Read on to learn about innovators, leaders and achievers.

The theme for this issue of Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly is “greatness.”
First up, we feature the 2011 Fellows for the Society of Innovators for Northwest Indiana, and it's an impressive list–from a company doing cutting-edge research on eradicating cancer to the persistence of two politicians whose vision has withstood the test of time and who are transforming Northwest Indiana.

Greatness is also behind the profiles of the region's top business and community leaders. Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly asked readers last summer to submit nominations spotlighting the region's outstanding leaders.

This theme continues by writer Bob Kronemyer who looks at the increasing use of technology by the region's hospitals. Northwest Indiana is home to some of the top medical facilities in the state. Through the latest imaging and diagnostic technology, the region's hospitals have built a reputation second to none.

The banking industry has gone through incredible change in recent months and weathered complicated times without sacrificing customer service.

Writer Michael Puente looks at a new generation of workers and explores their ideas of retirement. They expect a quality lifestyle 30 years down the road, but the kind of retirement they're planning is far different from the retirement of their parents and grandparents.

“Safety” is the theme for public utilities bordering Northwest Indiana, where nuclear reactors provide much of the energy. In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, maintaining the safety of nuclear plants in this country is drawing more scrutiny.

There's a whole lot more, too. In each case it has taken greatness in leadership–with a great idea, a great workforce and a belief that nothing less than “greatness” will do to achieve success.

–Rick A. Richards, editor


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