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Ports of Indiana construction

Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor kicks off record construction season

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Over $77 million in infrastructure and expansion projects are being developed at Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor.

The Lake Michigan port’s record construction season includes multiple projects. The projects aim to ensure the port remains an international gateway and that infrastructure can meet growing freight demands in the Region.

“This port is going through a transformational multi-year expansion, and the amount of construction happening right now exceeds every year since the port was built in the 1960s,” said Jody Peacock, Ports of Indiana CEO, in a press release.

Current projects at the port include:

  • The Indiana Department of Transportation is constructing highway bridges that will serve as the two inbound and two outbound lanes connecting the port to State Road 249. The project will expand the port entrance from two lanes to four lanes.
  • The port is constructing three ship berths and two railyards to expand shipping capabilities. The projects will increase port capacity for handling ocean vessels by 35% and for handling railcars by 1,200%. The project will also turn three unproductive areas of the port into working docks.
  • A new 84,000-square-foot warehouse and bulk storage area will be constructed near the East Harbor. The project’s warehouse will increase the port’s capacity of covered bulk storage by 70%.
  • Multiple port improvement projects are underway. They include developing industrial sites, rail and dock rehabilitations, paving projects and building and infrastructure upgrades.

“This is an exciting time for our port, and I am thrilled to see the amount of investment and capacity expansions happening right now,” Port Director Ryan McCoy said.

The Ports of Indiana operates one port on Lake Michigan and two ports on the Ohio River. Indiana’s ports serve as maritime industrial parks for over 90 businesses. The Ports of Indiana was founded in 1961.

Caption: Ports of Indiana-Burns Harbor kicks off a record construction season with $77 million in improvements underway. (Provided by Ports of Indiana)


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