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Gary Harper

St. John author’s book No. 3 on Amazon list of hot new releases

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Gary Harper, founder and CEO of Sharper Business Solutions based in St. John, launched his new book “RISE: Business Framework” on Nov. 14. It already has reached No. 3 on Amazon's list of hot new releases.

“In today's ever-evolving business landscape, success is contingent upon a well-structured and adaptive organizational framework,” said Harper on his website.

“The 4 Quadrants of Organizational Structure: RISE Business Framework” introduces a system designed to help businesses develop that strategy.

“Business success is more than vision and innovation; it's about executing that vision with robust systems,” said Harper in a press release.

The book explores modern business challenges and how to overcome them.

Harper also c-wrote “A Purpose to Rise” with his wife, Susan. It focuses on the challenges of starting a business. It follows the business journey of two brothers in Grant City.

Both books were released by Game Changer Publishing.


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