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NorthShore acquires women’s health center

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The doctors and staff at Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates in Valparaiso are glad they can focus on what they do best rather than push paperwork.

A merger with NorthShore Health Centers will give them a chance to turn their full attention back on patients.

“This merger allows us to focus almost 100% on the patients,” said Dr. Cheryl Short, an OGA provider, in a press release. “In private practice, nearly half of our time is on administrative duties. We went to school to study medicine. Now we can go back to what we do best.”

The merger reflects a co-branding for the practice as a NorthShore Health Centers location, but it will retain its name. The clinic is in a suite at Northwest Health Hospital.

“This is an incredible opportunity, and it translates to better health care for all women throughout the Region,” said Dr. Cheryl Short, an OGA provider, in a press release.

OGA touts its health care providers “as an all-female, board-certified group of obstetric and gynecologic physicians, nurse practitioners and midwives” on its website.

The staff also is increasing by four midwives, including Valerie Allmon, Jessica Oppolo and Jackie Petrov. The center focuses on women's health only.

OGA's staff has been serving patients for more than 50 years.

NorthShore Health Centers has 20 locations in Porter, Lake, La Porte and Jasper counties. The nonprofit recently opened a facility in Gary, and has plans to open three more: Crown Point, Michigan City and East Chicago.


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