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2023 special section roundup

Revisit special sections that focus on how to build thriving businesses

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DEI special section
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This year Northwest Indiana Business Magazine featured three special sections to help businesses thrive and grow.

These sections offer guides to launching and growing a business, thinking regionally, and ways DEI policies can help businesses find and retain the best workforce.

Our mission is to report the stories most important to the business communities of Northwest and North Central Indiana. We hope these guides will help company owners and leaders prosper this year and beyond.

Here is a synopsis of the three special sections from 2023 and links to their stories. Each section was an eight-page pullout to keep handy for future reference. Readers can also download PDFs of the sections for later use by clicking on their covers above.

  1. February-March issue: Our Launch/Grow Guide provides a seven-step guide that gives entrepreneurs the tools and the access to experts needed to start and grow their businesses in Northwest Indiana. The section features three stories, including insights from four experts on launching and growing a small business in Northwest Indiana.
  2. June-July issue: Regional Thinking offers seven experts who discuss the importance of working together to build a strong future for Northwest and North Central Indiana. Factors like infrastructure, environment and resources such as airports, transit systems, air and water quality, water supply, waste removal and undeveloped land transcend local boundaries. They require local institutions to work together to solve problems.
  3. October-November: Celebrate Differences breaks down the term DEI and explains how each concept helps businesses learn more about the importance of diversifying their workplaces. Research shows that workplace DEI efforts have social and financial advantages. Organizations are finding that when individuals from diverse backgrounds collaborate, their varied perspectives can lead to more innovative ideas and solutions.

In 2024, we have three more special sections planned that will focus on African Americans, Hispanics and women in business. We plan to highlight business leaders from each of these groups. If you think of someone we should consider including, please let us know!


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