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$100K donation to help train occupational therapists

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Robert Reisinger has long wanted to support Opportunity Enterprises' efforts to train the next generation of occupational therapists.

His dream came true with his $100,000 donation that will help students in Valparaiso University’s College of Nursing and Health Professions fulfill their clinical hours. Opportunity Enterprises partnered with the university in 2023 to give students opportunities to work with the nonprofit's participants.

“Bob absolutely is thrilled that this partnership came together,” said Jane Kobak, associate director of major giving, in a press release. “This partnership matching Bob’s passion took some time to put together, but he’s been steadfast in his wish to support OE in this manner. We’re absolutely thrilled, and we know he is too.”

Reisinger's daughter, Marcie, has long been a client of Opportunity Enterprises' programs. He was particularly intrigued when the occupational therapy partnership began.

“Collaborative efforts such as this truly embody the grassroots of occupational therapy,” said Sara Story, program director for occupational therapy at Valparaiso University. “Clinical partners like OE are a blessing because they see the value of our profession and are right beside us, helping equip the next generation of occupational therapists.”

Reisinger's donation will help extend the program through at least 2026. The donation will fund the employment of a part-time occupational therapist who will work with students as a mentor and teacher.

“We have a variety of programs that they can engage with; we have serve children, adults, teenagers and retired adults, just a wide variety of individuals,” said Valerie Thill, chief programs officer for Opportunity Enterprises. “Our hope is to be able to offer that picture to the occupational therapy students, showing them what other opportunities are out there beyond the typical school-aged children and hospital therapy.”

Valparaiso-based Opportunity Enterprises serves more than 1,000 people with the help of almost 400 employees. Valparaiso University employs 250 full-time faculty who educate about 3,000 students a year.

Caption: Neil Samahon, president and CEO of Opportunity Enterprises; Robert Reisinger; Marcie Reisinger (seated); Sara Story, program director and associate professor of uccupational therapy; Theresa Carroll, Capstone coordinator and clinical associate professor; Valerie Thill, chief program officer for Opportunity Enterprises. (Provided by Valparaiso University)


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