Roofing company GAF donates $15,000 to Franciscan Health Michigan City • Northwest Indiana Business Magazine
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Roofing company GAF donates $15,000 to Franciscan Health Michigan City

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GAF of Michigan City presented a $15,000 donation to the Franciscan Health Foundation. From the left are: Stacey Shafer and Matt Hannon, both with GAF and Dean Mazzoni, Franciscan Health Michigan City president and CEO and Sister Petra Nielsen with Franciscan Health. (Photo provided by Franciscan Health).

A $15,000 donation from Michigan City roofing company GAF will contribute to keeping emergency healthcare workers safe from COVID-19.

The donation was made through the GAF Community Matters initiative to Franciscan Health Michigan City. The funds were used to acquire a LUCAS Chest Compression System for the hospital’s emergency department. This hands-free mechanical device delivers chest compressions to sudden cardiac arrest patients and allows medical staff to keep a safe distance from a patient, reducing the risk of transmission of airborne viruses including the coronavirus, according to Franciscan Health.

Matt Hannon, a representative for GAF, said the company wanted to do its part to assist frontline workers combating the pandemic.

“Understanding the risk that people put themselves at here, we just wanted to make sure that we could contribute to that work and support it in any way we could,” Hannon said.

Franciscan has launched the Franciscan Health Foundation’s Preparedness & Response Fund to assist in the fight against COVID-19. Donations to the fund have been used to purchase oxygen flow devices to assist with breathing and recovery in COVID-positive patients, infrared thermometers for temperature checks of employees and visitors and sanitizing stations to clean equipment.


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