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New chairman named at I-DENTI-FIED

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MERRILLVILLE – Officials at I-DENTI-FIED Inc. have named Michael F. Kipp chairman of the board. The company is based at the Purdue Research Park of Northwest Indiana.

Kipp has held positions in both the corporate and government sector, including director of marketing for HCA and president of Signature Health Alliance.

I-DENTI-FIED is a health technology research company involved in personalized medical records. It provides caregivers with a complete, real-time personal health data regardless of medical history or clinical complexity and independent of changes in location, employment or health plan.

“When I was in the diagnostic accuracy business, I always viewed diagnosis as the first domino: If we got it right, the patient was well served and the money well spent,” said Kipp. “I-DENTI-FIED represents an even earlier domino: If we know immediately who patients are and what treatment they’ve had before, they’re going to be well served and the money’s going to be well spent.”




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