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IV Diagnostics, StableBody merge

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MERRILLVILLE – IV Diagnostics has announced plans to merge its cancer detection efforts with Wisconsin-based StableBody Technologies.

The two companies are working on ways to create an early detection of circulating cancer cells in blood. IV Diagnostics is based at the Northwest Indiana Purdue Technology Center and StableBody is based at the University of Wisconsin Innovation Center in Madison.

Frank Szczepanski, founder of IV Diagnostics, said the merger is an example of collaboration in the fight against cancer.

Szczepanski said he envisions IV Diagnostics to be one of the forerunners of major expansion in the region for biotechnology companies. He said his company is about two years away from being able to market its early cancer detection efforts.

The work of the two companies will allow cancer cells in a patient to me marked to allow a doctor to scan and monitor them while patients undergo chemotherapy or surgery.




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