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Highland veterinary clinic specializes in orthopedic care

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Veterinarian Claude Gendreau opened the new Veterinary Orthopedic Center in Highland. (Photo submitted by the Veterinary Orthopedic Center)

A new state-of-the-art veterinary facility focusing on orthopedic care recently opened in Highland.

The Veterinary Orthopedic Center was launched by veterinarian Claude Gendreau.

 “Over the years, as I have observed so many advances in all areas of veterinary science, I started envisioning a facility totally focused on treating orthopedic conditions,” said Gendreau.

Gendreau opened his first clinic, Surgical Referral Service at the Veterinary Specialty Clinic, in 1976.  That clinic became Veterinary Specialty Center which presently employs more than 40 veterinarians and a staff of more than 260 people.

The new VOC is at The Cardinal Campus of Highland, 2209 E. Main St. in Highland. The facility includes an aquatic treadmill to target specific muscle groups and improve cardio-pulmonary fitness, laser therapy to reduce pain and inflammation and therapeutic ultrasound, massage and exercises programs.


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