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There are thousands of film festivals all over the world, but the eyes of the world are tuning in to Indianapolis, as filmmakers and film enthusiasts gather.  The Heartland Film Festival is rated as one of the best in the United States awarding over $100,000 cash prizes.

It is an art to be able to transform the audience through the filmmaking process, telling stories that speak truth, changing the way we think or alternating our perception of a very complex world we live in.

Three filmmakers shared some of their thoughts and the creative work that went on in doing their documentary films. Eric Geadelmann, film Director for Dave tells the true story of how basketball coach Adam Donyes mentors an intellectually challenged black American teen, Dave Sterling.  Both dealing with the issues of father abandonment, Director Geadlelmann’s message is simply this: investing in others can change us. The film director shared with me that in the editing phase of this movie, The Blind Side was being released.  “The director of that movie was emotionally moved seeing parts of the 150 hours of footage we shot for Dave, “ he said.  Go to Dave-movie.com to learn more about this film.

Hatred and bigotry still exists in cultures.  Erasing Hate, Directed by Bill Brummel tells the story of Bryon Widner’s painful past and body tattoos removal. He says he wanted to give the audience a look inside the world of racism, bigotry, drug addiction and violence.  And to witness the struggles this individual went through to change.  His surprise at the end of the film was this individual’s anger, still very much inside of him.

The story of Indianapolis local artist, Kipp Normand, was created by a younger and upcoming filmmaker, Jonathan Frey. The filmmaker was intrigued by the uniqueness of this individual, his way of connecting past or discarded objects into works of art.  They first met at a wedding and have been friends ever since.  He says making a movie of this unique and mysterious individual was rewarding.  Hoping the audience will appreciate the artist and the beauty of his creative nature.

Go to HeartlandFilmFestival.org to get more information on films and closing night festivities.





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