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Community Hospital Procedure to Erase Tattoos

MUNSTER – If you have a tattoo that no longer fits your lifestyle because of the design, message or placement, specially trained staff at The Laser Erase Center of Community Hospital can help remove it safely and effectively. The center offers the most advanced, FDA-approved laser technology, called PicoSure®, that successfully removes tattoos of various colors and sizes with fewer treatments and less discomfort than other methods.

“Our PicoSure laser treats all ink colors,” said Interventional Radiologist Jonathon Lee, MD, and director of The Laser Erase Center. “What is different about this particular laser is that it breaks down tattoo ink into much smaller fragments than other tattoo laser removal systems. By shattering the ink into tiny microscopic particles, the body can more quickly absorb and eliminate any traces.”

Laser treatment is considered less invasive than other removal methods (excision, dermabrasion or salabrasion) because the high-intensity beam can be zeroed in to selectively treat only the pigment in the tattoo. And, instead of using heat to burn or melt away unwanted tattoo ink, the PicoSure laser delivers rapid energy that vibrates and shatters the ink, breaking it up into smaller particles without damaging surrounding tissue. These particles are then naturally absorbed by the body’s own immune system.

The number of treatments depends upon the size of the tattoo as well as location, depth and color.

“All colors can be safely removed with the Picosure laser unlike some of the other tattoo removal lasers on the market that have trouble with certain colors,” Lee said. “We are seeing very good results in patients so far. One of the tattoos that we treated was almost completely erased in just two treatments.”

Laser Erase Center procedures are performed by highly trained health professionals in a sterile environment. Find out more about tattoo removal at the Laser Erase Center by scheduling a consultation at 219-934-8843.


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